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Jose Q. Molina+
Doctor in Veterinary Medicine 1971

Ulysses M. Lustria+
BS Agriculture 1963, MS Animal Science 1974, PhD Agronomy 1979

Dreyfuss B. Perlas+
BS Biology 2007

Emma A. Liongson+
BS Agriculture 1958, MM Rural Development Management 1986

Severino S. Capitan+
BS Agriculture 1975, MS Animal Science 1981

Nelita M. Lalican+
BS Agriculture 1975, MS Statistics 1986

Francis Norman T. Yapchiongco+
BS Agribusiness Management 1995

Belen D. Morallo-Rejesus+
BS Agriculture 1959

Ruben B. Aspiras+
BS Agriculture 1959, MS Soil Science 1966

Emmanuel C. Peña+
BS Development Communication 2011

Ralene Joy G. Palomeno+
BS Computer Science 2014

Remedios B. Caceres-Dacanay+
BS Home Technology 1961, MS Extension Education 1979

Nikita Raisha S. Banayo+
BS Forestry 2009

Corazon B. Ruin+
BS Agricultural Economics 2006

Eduardo A. Dacanay+
MS Extension Education 1980, PhD Extension Education 1987

Pablo P. Ocampo+
MS Zoology 1981

Ma. Emilia B. Refina-Bantayan+
BS Human Ecology 1982, MSAN 1991

Kirby Aljoe M. Sagun+
BS Agricultural Biosystems Engineering 2010

Severino E. Cuevas+
BS Agriculture 1966, MS Horticulture 1980

Sergio C. Redondo+
BS Agriculture 1965, MS Extension Education 1980


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