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News Archive

OAR extends our congratulations to Batch 2017, the newest addition to the Alumni family! Good luck and continue to show honor and excellence in your future endeavors.

College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS)

CAFS treated its 279 graduates to a breakfast reception on June 24, 2017 at the Agronomy-Soils-Horticulture (ASH) Lobby. On the same day, the College awarded medals to the 2017 CAFS graduates with honors and with special awards given by various award-giving bodies. The 279 CAFS graduates sprung out from 127 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree holders, 90 Bachelor of Science in Food Technology degree holders, and 60 Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology degree holders. 

Arnel B. Villancio, the UPLB Class of 2017 valedictorian, came from the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program of CAFS. He garnered a general weighted average of 1.1762, securing CAFS another summa cum laude after five years.

CAFS produced 1 summa cum laude, 4 magna cum laude, and 28 cum laude, earning the college 33 graduates with Latin honors. CAFS graduates with honors and special awards are listed below: 

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

1. Angel Mae D. Manato, cum laude
2. Rachele L. de Torres, cum laude
3. Patricia Izabelle M. Lopez, cum laude
4. Adelbert Adrian A. Sendon, cum laude
5. Heway Christian A. Serra, cum laude
6. Maria Kenneth Lane R. Suplito, cum laude
7. Maeden B. Bato, cum laude
8. Mary Shaddeline L. Zafra, cum laude
9. Rex Joseph DJ. Enabore, cum laude
10. Elson Ian Nyl E. Galang, cum laude
11. Nadine B. Coronado, magna cum laude
12. Jhon Mark O. Trinidad, magna cum laude
13. Arnel B. Villancio, summa cum laude

Bachelor of Science in Food Technology

1. Alessandra Therese L. Matro, cum laude
2. Alden Bradley R. Lusanta, cum laude
3. Joshua A. Crepa, cum laude
4. Czarina Ericka Mari A. Cruz, cum laude
5. Mirah Jasmine R. Agquiz, cum laude
6. Bien Coleen Q. Mayuga, cum laude
7. Andreia Isabela P. Dita, cum laude
8. Jared Lou DR. Rivera, cum laude
9. Elsa Joy T. Horiondo, cum laude
10. Jan Michael A. Salgado, cum laude
11. Gerieka R. Anapi, cum laude
12. Maria Sandra Renee C. Tapia, magna cum laude
13. Ma. Cristina R. Ilano, magna cum laude

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology

1. Jomari C. Domingo, cum laude
2. Kathlen B. Racho, cum laude
3. Switzer Joy L. Ducos, cum laude
4. Maura Mercedes L. Santos, cum laude
5. Niña Kate C. Jingco, cum laude
6. Benjamin Christian J. Esguerra, cum laude
7. Zyla N. Capiz, cum laude

Pahinungod Volunteer Award

Dianne ST. Bartolome
Jan Vincent B. Beltran
June Micah DS. Capelo
Joshua A. Crepa
Adrian G. Fernandico
Trishia Kaye DLR. Paraiso
Erin Marie DC. San Valentin
UPLB Alumni Association Leadership Award
Jomar P. Taguba

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

There are 684 alumni from the College of Arts and Sciences. The College produced 68 graduates, 9 magna cum laude and 59 cum laude, with Latin honors which are listed below:

Latin honors

1. Glen Aldrix R. Anarna BSB, magna cum laude, CAS Class Valedictorian, CAS Faculty Medal for Academic Excellence
2. Daniel Joseph N. Pisano, BSS, magna cum laude, CAS Dean’s Medal for Academic Excellence; DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence
3. Paul Jhon P. Diezon, BSB, magna cum laude
4. Zarina T. Sarapuddin, BSB, magna cum laude
5. Hannah Abigail A. Gruyal, BSB, magna cum laude,Recipient of Pahinungod Service Pin
6. Venus Marie A. Gaela, BSB, magna cum laude, DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence
7. Morel Dominic D. Umipon, BSB, magna cum laude
8. Juan Carlo M. Mangaliag, BSCS, magna cum laude
9. Perico Dan B. Dionisio, BSCS, magna cum laude
10. Angelic Chris C. Toledo, BACA, cum laude
11. Kevin B. Solanoy, BACA, cum laude
12. Janzcene Alanis G. Magsombol, BACA, cum laude
13. Andrew A. Estacio, BACA, cum laude
14. Marianna Christine DM. De Guzman, BACA, cum laude
15. Franchezka Mae S. Celis, BACA, cum laude, Recipient of Pahinungod Service Pin
16. Maffi Gieson S. Asilum, BACA, cum laude
17. Christiana Danica C. Despi, BACA, cum laude
18. Dachelle Nicole G. Parrocha, BACA, cum laude
19. Rohana G. Monzon, BACA, cum laude
20. Magdalene Gabrielle R. Mojica, BACA, cum laude
21. Krisnah Ann M. Tan, BACA, cum laude
22. Lizeth B. Yago, BAP, cum laude
23. Charlene Mae B. Cadeliña, BAP, cum laude
24. Keisha Christle A. Abog, BAP, cum laude
25. Faith Antonette S. Arguelles, BAS, cum laude
26. Danise Lorin P. Garena, BAS, cum laude
27. Oxana Alipio, BAS, cum laude
28. Femy Lou L. Jesoro, BAS, cum laude
29. Marinel Jeil N. Ladringan, BAS, cum laude, Recipient of Pahinungod Service Pin
30. Hiyasmine D. Navarro, BAS, cum laude
31. Kathleen C. Navarette, BSAM, cum laude, DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence
32. Caryl Maric L. Sarita, BSAM, cum laude
33. Vanessa Althea B. Bermudez, BSAM, cum laude
34. John Carlo R. Motas, BSAM, cum laude, DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence
35. Marisol P. Martinez, BSAP, cum laude, DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence
36. Josiah F. Fontanilla, BSAP, cum laude
37. Geoffel Mae R. Soriano, BSB, cum laude
38. Maria Adeline D. Diongco, BSB, cum laude
39. Jenina Mae D. Imus, BSB, cum laude
40. Abegail S. Balmes, BSB, cum laude
41. Ma. Angela S. Ramos, BSB, cum laude
42. Lara Denielle C. Zuñiga, BSB, cum laude
43. Mary Faith D. Baccay, BSB, cum laude
44. Mary Faith Y. Adan, BSB, cum laude
45. Kristine M. Botanes, BSB, cum laude
46. Elyssa Marie C. Galanido, BSB, cum laude
47. Kim Dominic T. Aguilar, BSB, cum laude, DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence
48. Elizamae A. Del Mundo, BSB, cum laude
49. Angelou Vanessa Z. Tarroza, BSB, cum laude, DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence
50. Michael P. Gonzaga, BSB, cum laude
51. Hilerei C. Dela Fuente, BSB, cum laude
52. Rochelle B. Sarmiento, BSB, cum laude
53. John Noel R. Maape, BSC, cum laude, DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence
54. Aleli S. Legaspi, BSCS, cum laude, DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence
55. Joshze Rica L. Esguerra, BSCS, cum laude, DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence
56. Guia Carmella B. Lara, BSCS, cum laude
57. Franz Joezepf C. Dinglasan, BSCS, cum laude
58. Noreen Louise C. Bundoc, BSCS, cum laude
59. Danika Mae S. Dinglasan, BSCS, cum laude
60. Michael Arvin Jay C. Braga, BSCS, cum laude
61. Joshua David A. Manalo, BSCS, cum laude
62. Angelica Cassandra M. Loria, BSM, cum laude, DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence
63. Carl Patrick F. Eder, BSCS, cum laude
64. John Joshua A. Azucena, BSCS, cum laude, DOST-SEI Medal For Academic Excellence; Recipient of Pahinungod Service Pin
65. Justine E. Buño, BSCS, cum laude
66. Ed Kieran C. Reyes. BSCS, cum laude
67. Ira Joy H. Martin, BSCS, cum laude
68. Jerenz A. Serrano, BSCS, cum laude

Pahinungod Service Pin

1. Charlyn A. Spears, BACA
2. Rejee S. Florido, BAS
3. Louivec Diane H. Zoilo, BAS
4. Cerola S. Sebastian, BSAP
5. Jerzm Caezar R. Angobung, BSB
6. Micah Jeanne A. Dela Rosa, BSB
7. Rochelle B. Sarmiento, BSB
8. Jodel Angela M.Nueca, BSMST
9. Julius Howell P. Regalado, BSMST
10. Carl Kenneth C. Reyes, BSMST
11. Ranelle DP. Acda, BSAC
12. Kea Mae G. Sandoval, BSAC


9 alumni came from CA-CAS (BS Agricultural Chemistry). Gio Ferson M. Bautista was recognized magna cum laude. He is also a recipient of the BPI-DOST Science Award.

College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT)

This year, CEAT has 340 graduates (BSAE-2, BSABE-54, BSChE-84, BSCE-82, BSEE-82 and BSIE-36). 17 of these are graduates with Latin honors. 

CEAT Alumni Association Medal for Academic Excellence

1. Jamila Aria G. Macagba, BSEE, cum laude
2. Adriane T. Taban, BSChE, cum laude
3. Brian Samuel R. Llamado, BSCE, cum laude
4. Shiela May M. Aldover, BSChE, cum laude
5. Donn Paul P. Armijo, BSChE, cum laude
6. Jan Carlo M. Castro, BSCE, cum laude
7. Christine Mae B. Berbon, BSChE, cum laude
8. Neil Karlo Z. Olegario, BSChE, cum laude
9. Mara Segreid C. Bustos, BSABE, cum laude
10. Kim Oliver U. Magtagñob, BSCE, cum laude
11. Niccolo H. Ricafort, BSCE, cum laude
12. Chatlyn Faye M. Somera, BSCE, cum laude
13. Gianno Marco M. Lalap, BSCE, cum laude
14. Mark Angelo F. Ranches, BSABE, cum laude
15. Geneva Isah Gesmundo, BSCE, cum laude
16. Iana Ruth L. Ong, BSChE, cum laude
17. Kevin R. Relleve, BSEE, cum laude

2017 Dean’s Medal for Academic Excellence

Jamila Aria G. Macagba, BSEE

Duty Award

1. John Davis M. Mangubat, BSEE
2. Gamaliel P. Javier III, BSEE
3. Ellaine A. Magno, BSCE
4. Kevin DC. Kempis, BSABE
5. Sarah Jane R. Bunyi, BSChE
6. Kathryn Kaye P. Reyes, BSCE
7. Hazellene Patrice C. Lomboy, BSChE
8. David L. Bondoc, BSABE
9. Mark Dariel M. Manzanilla, BSEE
10. Kevin R. Relleve, BSEE
11. Princess Jay G. Dizon, BSIE
12. Nasser R. Judda, BSChE
13. John Edward M. Pacis, BSABE
14. Janin F. Custodio, BSChE

UPLB Alumni Association Leadership Award

Jamila Aria G. Macagba

2017 CEAT Best Thesis Award

John Nikko V. Salvilla, BSChE

DOST Award for Academic Excellence in Science

1. Mark Angelo F. Ranches, BSABE
2. Jan Carlo M. Castro, BSCE
3. Gianno Marco M. Lalap, BSCE
4. Niccolo H. Ricafort, BSCE
5. Shiela May M. Aldover, BSChE
6. Donn Paul P. Armijo, BSChE
7. Neil Karlo Z. Olegario, BSChE

Ugnayan ng Pahinungod UPLB Service Pin

1. Renier Jay C. Bagabay, BSChE
2. Louie Bryan M. Mendoza, BSCE
3. Gamaliel P. Javier III, BSEE
4. Viktoria Mariae V. Locson, BSEE
5. Jemar P. Maldia, BSEE

College of Economics and Management (CEM)

The College of Economics and Management presented its 220 graduates at the 2017 CEM Testimonial Program at the D.L. Umali Auditorium on June 22, 2017. 12 Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management (BS ABM) graduates, 40 Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics (BS AECO) graduates, and 168 Bachelor of Science in Economics (BS ECO) graduates completed the 220 members of the CEM Graduating Class of 2017. 25 of the 220 graduates were awarded Latin honors comprising 3 magna cum laude and 22 cum laude.

Raymond Denver Q. Buenaseda, a magna cum laude Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics graduate, was named as the CEM Class of 2017 Valedictorian.

Below lies the list of students who graduated with honors from the college and who received special awards from their respective departments and other award-giving bodies:

Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management

1. Jamaica Vebb A. Veluz, cum laude
2. Patricia A. Zaldivar, cum laude
3. Francesca A. Teoxon, cum laude
4. Hannah Erika R. De Guzman, cum laude
5. Nikko Nonilon S. Villamarin, cum laude
6. Darren Dave S. Garcia, cum laude
7. Joel Nicolas T. Romero II, magna cum laude
8. Samantha N. Genova, magna cum laude

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics

1. Ralph Homer L. Ante, cum laude
2. Ivy Rosemarie G. Ortiguero, cum laude
3. Reymond Denver Q. Buenaseda, magna cum laude

Bachelor of Science in Economics

1. Raymart E. Isleta, cum laude
2. Lorelie Donn K. Manalo, cum laude
3. Roselyn Ann P. Obrique, cum laude
4. Brent Cristian B. Respicio, cum laude
5. Mary Joyce N. Vidanes, cum laude
6. Deo Nazario DC. Catingub, cum laude
7. Joana Diane M. Aragon, cum laude
8. Joamme Christine M. Cruz, cum laude
9. Ana Teresa E. Lim, cum laude
10. Veronica Ruth B. Medel, cum laude
11. Karen T. Ragel, cum laude
12. Samantha Mañuelle P. Agramon, cum laude
13. Aimiko P. Mizuno, cum laude
14. Bryan DP. Daowan, cum laude

Deparment of Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship

Kenneth L. Medina, Best Special Problem Award

Deparment of Agricultural and Applied Economics

1.Reymond Denver Q. Buenaseda, Best Undegraduate Thesis
2. Christhaline A. Arellano, B.M. Gonzales Award in Agricultural Economics

Department of Economics

1. Mary Joyce N. Vidanes, Best Undegraduate Thesis Award
2. Jerome Carl L. Rataman, Ma. Theresa Marcial Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis in Environmental Economics Award

Pahinungod Volunteer Award

1. Camil G. Lontoc
2. Jamaica Vebb A. Veluz

UPLB Alumni Assocation Leadership Award

Aimiko P. Mizuno

College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR)

There were 196 graduates (Certificate of Forestry and BS Forestry) and one BS Chemical Engineering major in Pulp and Paper Technology (joint program with CEAT). The Latin honors and recipients of special awards of the college were awarded during the Parangal sa mga Magsisipagtapos last June 23, 2017 at the Nicolas P. Lansigan Auditorium:

1. Hannah Jane DR. Allesa, cum laude
2. Alessandra Nicole L. Morado, cum laude
3. Anna Marie S. Cabatbat, cum laude
4. Lemuel L. Tolosa, cum laude
5. Marie Jessica C. Gabriel, cum laude

College of Development Communication (CDC)

#CDCNextGen meant that the graduates for this year are the second crop of students who took the generalist curriculum since it started in 2012. The College prepared a testimonial and recognition program its graduating and honor students. This event was held on 22 June 2017, 1:30pm at SEARCA Umali Auditorium. Awardees are as follows:

UP Pahinungod Service Pin

1. Danielle Lois E. Afuang
2. Carmela Kris A. Armilla
3. Hannah Andione R. Benedicto
4. Danica A. Brutas
5. Abygail M. Donguines
6. Charlene Ruth O. Espenilla
7. Debbie C. Sy

UPLB Alumni Association Leadership Award

Jaztine A. Calderon

CDC Faculty Best Undergraduate Research

Katrina R. Guanio
Thesis: Emerging and Shifting: Power and the Organic Participatory Development Communication of the Autism Recovery Network of the Philippines (ARNP) within the Autism Community in Camarines Norte 
Adviser: aProf. Mildred O. Moscoso

CDC Faculty Medal for Academic Excellence

1. Camille Anne C. Mendizabal, magna cum laude
2. Roi Louis F. Mojado, cum laude 
3. Jeena Vianca N. Delos Reyes, cum laude 
4. Victorena A. Diesta II, cum laude 
5. Zane Andrei M. Cortez, cum laude  
    Faith Marie A. Flores, cum laude  
7. Charmaine D. Baisa, cum laude  
8. Joy Camille S. Luza, cum laude  
9. Dolores N. Magbuhos, cum laude  
    Dionelyn E. Servañez, cum laude  
11. Renz Louie V. Celeridad, cum laude  
12. Stephanie Nicole M. Cruz, cum laude  
13. Hannah Andione R. Benedicto, cum laude  
14. Melanie C. Ilang-ilang, cum laude  
15. Ira Dominique H. Guerrero, cum laude  
16. Renee Marsha R. Babao, cum laude  
17. Carmela Kris A. Armilla, cum laude  
18. Michelle D. Cabillan, cum laude

Nora C. Quebral Medal for Scholarship in Development Communication

Camille Anne C. Mendizabal, magna cum laude

College of Human Ecology (CHE)

The College of Human Ecology has 15 Latin honors, 2 magna cum laude and 13 cum laude:

Latin honors

1. John Eric B. Sulit, BSN, magna cum laude, CHE Class Valedictorian, CHE Faculty Medal for Academic Excellence
2. Nicole Faith D. Blanco, BSHE, magna cum laude, CHE Dean’s Medal for Academic Excellence
3. Kristine DC. Dayrit, BSHE, cum laude
4. Anjelica Veenus D. Padua, BSHE, cum laude
5. Siennah T. Chito, BSHE, cum laude
6. Kristine Mae N. Esparas, BSN, cum laude
7. Ferlyn B. Recto, BSHE, cum laude
8. Roselle M. Bautista, BSHE, cum laude
9. Grace Pauline A. Maglunog, BSHE, cum laude
10. Jilian Bettina L. Buot, BSHE, cum laude
11. Clarice Joanne A. Noriega, BSN, cum laude
12. Alyia Martha B. Alcancia, BSN, cum laude
13. Julia Francesca A. Barrientos, BSN, cum laude
14. Joyce C. Caponpon, BSHE, cum laude
15. Ron James D. Ortiz, BSHE, cum laude

College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM)

There are 48 new graduates from the College. Francis R. Rasonable Jr. is the recipient of the UPLB Alumni Association Leadership Award.

Graduate School (GS)

At the DL Umali Freedom Park, 323 Graduate School students are presented as part of the Class of 2017 on June 23, 2017 during the Graduate School (GS) Hooding Ceremony and Recognition Program. Two-hundred sixty two graduates are masters students and 61 graduates are Doctor of Philosophy students.

Academic Excellence Awardees are Michael Vincent O. Laurio for the degree Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and Rowena R. Sazon for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science. They are the graduates with the highest GWA among the Graduate School Class of 2017.

Academic Achievement Awardees from the masters degree holders and doctor of philosophy degree holders are listed below. These are the students proceeding the Academic Excellence Awardees based on their GWA.


1. John Peter Quakenbush, MS Botany
2. Mary Louise P. Pascual, MS Agricultural Engineering
3. Loraine C. Bainto, MS Food Science
4. Rochelle Joie A. Saracanlao, MS Soil Science
5. Nadeth Rae R. Cosico, MA Communication Arts

Doctor of Philosophy

1. Evaristo Niño T. Cando III, PhD Environmental Science
2. Ryan T. Sarimong, PhD Soil Science
3. Joyce T. Limbaga, PhD Food Science
4. Tanay Joshi, PhD Agronomy
5. Jose S. Valmorida, PhD Food Science

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