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 These are the UPLBAA awardees for the 2018 UPLBAA Alumni Awarding Ceremonies.

 UPLB Alumni Association Awardees 2018

Dr. Emil Q. Javier UPLBAA Presidential Awardee
Dr. Jovita L. Movillon Nelia T. Gonzalez Alumni Service Awardee
Dr. Reynaldo L. Villareal TOUA - Rice and Wheat Breeding, Genetics and Training
Dr. Anabella Bautista-Tulin TOUA - Research and Extension
Dr. Cleofas R. Cervancia TOUA - Technology Development and Extension
Mr. Alexander C. Cortez TOUA - Culture and the Arts
Ms. Mina C. Ballesteros TOUA - Rural Development and Social Enterprise
Perry S. Ong TOUA - Environment Conservation and Sustainable Development
Eric Dennis C. Legazpi TOUA - Promotion of Public Health through Development of Neurosurgery
Dr. Rex B. Demafelis TOUA - Research Management and Administration
Mr. Ireneo V. Vizmonte TOUA - Good Governance and Public Service
Dr. Guido Alfredo Delgado TOUA - Energy Economics and Entrepreneurship
For. Jesus Bienvenido R. Rola TOUA - Environmental Protection, Natural Resources Management and Public Engagement
Nelly S. Aggangan TOUA - Agriculture, Biotechnology, Research and Technology Development
Dr. Rodolfo R. Altamirano TOUA - Education, Research and Training
Dr. Luz R. Taposok TOUA - Agricultural Education and Extension Leadership
Dr. Eugenio P. Mende TOUA - Veterinary Medicine


College Distinguished Alumni Awardees:

CAFS (11)

Dr. Villaluz Zara-Acedo Distinguished alumna for Research and Development (Tissue Culture)
Dr. Rene Rafael C. Espino Distinguished alumnus for Teaching, Research and Extension (Horticulture) 
Dr. Telesforo A. Vea Distinguished alumnus for Youth Development - Posthumous 
Ms. Maria Olivia P. Puentespina Distinguished alumna for Agricultural Entrepreneurship
Dr. Milagros Parker Hojilla-Evangelista Distinguished alumna for Research and Development (Food Technology) 
Dr. Desiree M. Hautea Distinguished alumna for Molecular Genetics and Agricultural Biotechnology
Dr. Aphiphan Pookpakdi Distinguished alumnus for Agronomy and Tropical Agriculture
Dr. Domingo E. Angeles Distinguished alumnus for Teaching and Research (Horticulture) 
Dr. Victor V. Perez Distinguished alumnus for Higher Education Administration 
Mr. Michael L. Melendes Distinguished alumnus for Agriculture and Social Entrepreneurship

CAS (4)

Ms. Ricamela S. Palis Distinguished alumna for Culture and the Arts
Ms. Mina C. Ballesteros Distinguished alumna for Rural Development and Social Enterprise
Mr. Raymond C. Nuñez Distinguished alumnus for Information Technology Development
Mr. Pablito F. Aquino Distinguished alumnus for Enterprise Development and Corporate Governance

CDC (5)

Dr. Serlie B. Jamias Distinguished alumna for Development Communication
Ms. Sylvia Katherine S. Lopez Distinguished alumna for Agricultural Communication
Dr. Rogelio P. Matalang Distinguished alumnus for Community Broiadcasting
Prof. Sorhaila Latip-Yusoph Distinguished alumna for Peace Education and Communication
Atty. Vida Soraya S. Verzosa Distinguished alumna for Children and Women's Rights Advocacy

CEAT (3)

Engr. Romeo Capuno Distinguished alumnus for Global Corporate Management
Dr. Francisco B. Elegado Distinguished alumnus for Biotechnology
Engr. Elizabeth B. Maghirang Distinguished alumna for Agricultural Engineering Research

CEM (5)

Mr. Enrico P. Villanueva Distinguished alumnus for Financial Risk Management and Development
Ms. Ana Cecilia S. Palma Distinguished alumna for Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship
PO2 Haidelyn P. Arevalo Distinguished alumna for Public Service
Mr. Rodolfo T. Azanza, Jr. Distinguished alumna for Energy Sector Development
Mr. Carlos Lorenzo L. Vega Distinguished alumnus for Leadership and Corporate Governance

CFNR (9)

For. Federico L. Ocampo Distinguished alumnus for Outstanding Public Service
For. Honorio M. Soriano, Jr. Distinguished alumnus for Public Service (Institutional Development)
For. Cenon B. Padolina Distinguished alumnus for Public Service (Private Sector)
For. Ina Q. Guillermo Distinguished alumna for Institutional Service (Renewable Energy)
For. Bresilda M. Gervacio Distinguished alumna for Public Service (Government Sector)
For. Yeshey Dorji Distinguished alumnus for Public Service (International Sector)
For. Edwino S. Fernando Distinguished alumnus for Institutional Service (Education Sector)
For. Nathaniel C. Bantayan Distinguished alumnus for Institutional Service (Research Sector)
For. Roberto P. Cereno Distinguished alumnus for Institutional Service (Forestry Extension)

CHE (4)

Ms. Marinela M. Nuñez Distinguished alumna for Gender and Rights-Based Rural Development
Ms. Melissa P. Ferido Distinguished alumna for Education, Research and Training
Ms. Myrannor H. Mirabel Distinguished alumna for Local Community Empowerment
Ms. Natalie V. Pulvinar Distinguished alumna for Promoting Nutrition Legislative Advocacies

CPAf (5)

Dr. Lope A. Calanog Distinguished alumnus for Research and Development Management
Mr. Madan Raj Joshi Distinguished alumnus for Development and Humanitarian Work
Dr. Fernando V. Magdato, Jr. Distinguished alumnus for Agricultural Extension
Dr. Luz R. Taposok Distinguished alumna for Agricultural Education and Extension Leadership
Dr. Leonardus Tumuka Distinguished alumnus for Community Service

CVM (5)

Dr. Edna Zenaida Velarde-Villacorte Distinguished alumna for Military Service
Dr. Simeon S. Amurao, Jr. Distinguished alumna for Private Practice
Dr. Michelle Valle-Paraso Distinguished alumna for Veterinary Public Health
Dr. Marjorie Advincula-Filoteo Distinguished alumnus for Government Service
Dr. Florisa Viloria Distinguished alumna for Education


Dr. Ramon M. Docto Distinguished alumnus for Institutional Service
Dr. Mari-Ann M. Acedera Distinguished alumna for Research and Development

Outstanding Golden Jubilarian Awardees

Dr. Cleofas Cervancia
Dr. Javier Mateo
Dr. Thelma Paris
Dr. Aphiphan Pookpakdi
Mr. Nazario Racoma
Dr. Reynaldo Villareal

Multi-Generation Awardees

Aguiero Family
Arca-Alejar Family
Fandialan Family
Faustino Family
Mendoza Family
Payawal Family




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