Loyalty Day: Why Celebrate?

Every October 10, UPLB celebrates the Loyalty Day and Alumni Homecoming. How and why exactly is UPLB celebrating it? It all goes back to the year 1918 when World War I was on its fifth year in Europe and world conditions were increasingly becoming unstable. The Allies, which included the US, needed more manpower against the Central Powers. Thus, when the Government called for volunteers, the UP College of Agriculture (UPCA) readily took the opportunity.

On October 10, 1918, 193 (60%) of the total student body and 27 faculty members enlisted to serve in the Philippines National Guard to fight in one of the world’s most historic clashes. Senate President Manuel L. Quezon recognized the heroic spirit of these young men and women.

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2024 Loyalty Day Schedule of Activities

April 2024

Art Auction | TBA

June 2024

106th Loyalty Day 1st Golf Tournament | Ayala Greenfield Golf and Leisure Club

Oct 2024

9AM: Golden Jubilarian Fellowship and Thanksgiving, Ecumenical Service, and launching of Coffee Table Book | TBA 

Oct 2024

9AM: Prelude to 106th Loyalty Day Celebration | Batangas

Oct 2024

7AM: 105th Loyalty Day Parade – Parade | CEC Front

12NN: Lunch Salo-Salo with the Jubilarians | TBA

3PM: 105th Loyalty Day Awarding Ceremony | Copeland

Oct 2024

4PM: 106th Loyalty Day Dinner & Dance | Copeland

Oct 2024

106th Loyalty Day 2nd Golf Tournament | Ayala Greenfield Golf and Leisure Club

Important Details

Q: What is the difference between BATCH and CLASS?
A:     BATCH – refers to the year you entered the University.
        CLASS – refers to the year you graduated from the University.
Q: When is my year of graduation?
A: This is the year indicated on your Transcript of Records or when the BOR approved your graduation as indicated in the graduation program.
This form will serve as pre-registration for the upcoming 106th Loyalty Day activities. Please take note that these activities are still temporary and subject to change upon advise.:

The class of 1974 is the Golden Jubilarian for the 106th UPLB Loyalty Day and Alumni Homecoming. Jubilarians for this year are those who graduated in classes ending in 4 and 9. The list below are the classes for this year Loyalty Day celebration

  • 1959 Blue Sapphire (65 years)
  • 1964 Diamond (60 years)
  • 1969 Emerald (55 years)
  • 1974 Golden (50 years)
  • 1979 Sapphire (45 years)
  • 1984 Ruby (40 years)
  • 1989 Jade (35 years)
  • 1994 Pearl (30 years)
  • 1999 Silver (25 years)
  • 2004 China (20 years) 
  • 2009 Crystal (15 years)
  • 2014 Tin (10 years) 
  • 2019 Wood (5 years)
You may request a copy by answering this form:

Please take note of the following assembly areas:

Executive offices: Thai Pavillion to CEC
Alumni: Women’s Residence Hall to SEARCA dorm
Colleges: CEC to Ansci arc
Students: Vetmed arc to the baseball field
Outside Organizations and LGU: Near Sigma Delta fountain

The is the official list of participants and their sequence:

Marshalls: CBQuicoy, LGBolaños
Assembly Area: Thai Pavillion to CEC

  • PNP Marching Band
  • UPLB Corps of Cadets (Colors)
    • UP Vanguard Incorporated – Los Baños Chapter
  • Marshalls
  • Office of the Chancellor
    • Quality Assurance Office
    • Internal Control Office
    • Legal Office
    • Office of Alumni Relations
    • Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment
    • Office for Institutional Development in Higher Education
    • Office of International Linkages
    • Office of Public Relations
    • Ugnayan ng Pahinungod
    • UPLB Technology Transfer and Business Development Office
    • UPLB Digital Transformation Team
    • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
      • Office of the University Registrar (OUR)
      • Center for the Advancement for Teaching and Learning (CATL)
      • University Publications Office (UPO)
      • University Library (UL)
      • Office of the UPLB National Service Training Program (NSTP)
      • UPLB General Education Program
    • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration
      • Business Affairs Office
      • Accounting Office
      • Cashiers Office
      • Human Resources and Development Office
      • Records Management Office
      • Supply and Property Management Office
      • BAC Secretariat
    • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs
      • University Health Service
      • UPLB Security and Safety Office
      • UPLB Housing Office
      • UPLB Gender Center
    • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development
      • University Planning and Maintenance Office (UPMO)
      • Budget Management Office (BMO)
      • Land Grant Management Office (LGMO)
      • Resource Generation and Development Office (RGDO)
      • Information and Technology Center (ITC)
    • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension
      • National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH)
      • Museum of Natural History (MNH)Office of the Initiatives in Culture and Arts (OICA)
      • Interdisciplinary Studies Centers
    • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
      • a. International Student Relations (ISR)
        • International Students Association (ISA)
      • Research, Communication, and Information Technology (RECOMMIT)
      • Student Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT)
      • Learning Resource Center (LRC)
        • Society of Agricultural and Rural Development Scholars of UPLB (UPLB ARDSS)
      • Office of Counseling and Guidance (OCG)
      • Office of Scholarships and Grants (OSG)
      • Office of Student Activities (OSA)
      • Office of Student Housing (OSH)
        • UPLB Alliance of Dormitory Associations (UPLB ADA)
        • ATI-NTC Residence Hall Association
        • Forestry Residence Hall Association
        • International House Residence Hall Association
        • Makiling Residence Hall Association
        • Men’s Residence Hall Association
        • New Dorm Residence Hall Association
        • New Forestry Residence Hall Association
        • VetMed Residence Hall Association
        • Women’s Residence Hall Association

Marshalls: MNPBandian, LONamuco, RADaya
Assembly Area: WRH to SEARCA dorm

  • UPLBAA Board of Directors
  • Jubilarians
    • 1973 Golden (50 years)
    • 1958 Blue Sapphire (65 years)
    • 1963 Diamond (60 years)
    • 1968 Emerald (55 years)
    • 1978 Sapphire (45 years)
    • 1983 Ruby (40 years)
    • 1988 Jade (35 years)
    • 1993 Pearl (30 years)
    • 1998 Silver (25 years)
    • 2003 China (20 years)
    • 2008 Crystal (15 years)
    • 2013 Tin (10 years)
    • 2018 Wood (5 years)
  • Non-Jubilarians Classes
    • 1971
    • 1972
    • 1974
    • 1979
    • UP College of Agriculture Class 1960

Marshalls: SAAlaira, DALuna, MLLapitan
Assembly Area: CEC to Ansci arc

  • College of Agriculture and Food Science
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Development Communication
  • College of Economics and Management
  • College of Engineering and Agro-industrial Technology
  • College of Forestry and Natural Resources
  • College of Human Ecology
  • College of Public Affairs and Development
  • College of Veterinary Medicine
  • School of Environmental Science and Management
  • Graduate School
  • Volkswagen, Motorcycle Riders
  • The Philippine Association of Japanese Government Scholars Southern Luzon Chapter
  • Philippine Australian Alumni Association, Inc. – Southern Tagalog Chapter

Marshalls: SSO, SOAD REP; GPMarza
Assembly Area: Vetmed arc to the baseball field

  • UP Varrons Ltd.
  • University of the Philippines Sarong Banggi Alumni
  • Samahang Busko – UPLB
  • UPLB Triskelions
  • UP Mussaenda Honor Sorority
  • UP Zeta Beta Rho Honor Fraternity
  • UPLB Street Jazz Dance Company
  • UPLB Sigma Rho Fraternity
  • UP Kabataang Alyansa ng may Dugong Taga-Hilagang Kamarines (UP KAADHIKA)
  • UPLB Chemical Society
  • UPLB Kaiban
  • UP Sigma Beta Sorority Los Baños Chapter
  • The UPLB Genetics Society
  • The League of Agricultural Engineering Students (N.G.)
  • UPLB Nexus Filiae Sorority
  • Makiling Lodge No. 72, Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines
  • UPLB DeMolay Club
  • Society of Applied Mathematics of UPLB
  • UPLB Environmental Science Society
  • UPLB Sociology Society
  • UPLB Development Communicators’ Society
  • UPLB Zoological Society
  • Gamma Sigma Fraternity University of the Philippines Red Scorpions
  • UPLB Delta Lambda Sigma Sorority
  • Alumni of U.P. Sinamar
  • UPLB Forestry Society
  • Sigma Delta Phi
  • Upsilon Sigma Phi
  • UP Brotherhood of Noble Engineers
  • UP League of Agricultural Chemistry Students
  • UP Bugkos
  • UPLB eSPALEKLEK Fraternity
  • UPLB Computer Science Society
  • UP Alliance of Development Communication Students
  • Philobioscientia, the UPLB Life Sciences Society
  • UP Horticultural Society
  • UP Kappa Phi Sigma – Conservation and Development Society
  • UPLB Grange Association
  • UP Agricultural and Applied Economics Circle
  • Philippine Association of Food Technologists Inc. – Beta Chapter
  • UP Concordia Scientia Animalis
  • UP Ranchers’ Club
  • UP Soil Science Society
  • UPLB Economics Society
  • UPLB Chemical Kinetics Society
  • UP Novo Ecijanos

Marshalls: JABMercado, VARodulfo, DJDRBandoy
Assembly Area: Near Sigma Delta fountain

  • Department of Science and Technology- Forest Products Research and Development Institute (DOST-FPRDI)
  • DOST-Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD)
  • DENR Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB)
  • Laguna Prime Multipurpose Cooperative (LPMPCPC)
  • DA-Bureau of Plant Industry – Los Baños National Crop Research, Development, and Production Support Center
  • International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
  • Philippine Carabao Center at UPLB
  • All UP Workers Union – UPLB (AUPWU)
    All UP Academic Employees Union (Acad Union)

BATCH 6. Local Government Unit
Marshalls: all available
Assembly Area: Near Sigma Delta fountain

  • SSO
  • Parade Committee

The 105th Loyalty Day Parade will be held on 8 October 2023, 7AM, at the Obdulia F. Sison Hall (most commonly known as CEC). Everyone is encouraged to register here: https://alum.uplb.edu.ph/LDparade 

For more information, contact us via email at [email protected]

The class of 1973 is the Golden Jubilarian for the 105th UPLB Loyalty Day and Alumni Homecoming. Jubilarians for this year are those who graduated in classes ending in 3 and 8. A representative from each class was chosen as class coordinator to organize and ensure the participants of all jubilarians. If you are a jubilarian this year, kindly contact your class coordinator through [email protected].

  • 1958 Blue Sapphire (65 years) – Dr. Corazon Flores-Azucena, BSHT 1958, PhDEEd 1980
  • 1963 Diamond (60 years) – Dr. Benigno D. Pecson, BSST 1963
  • 1968 Emerald (55 years) – Dr. Reynaldo L. Villareal, BSA 1967, MS Agro 1975
  • 1973 Golden (50 years) – Ms. Annie F. Bola, BSHT 1973
  • 1978 Sapphire (45 years) – Arturo R. Villamor, BSA 1978, MSAS 1984
  • 1983 Ruby (40 years) – Mr. Lyle Daniel L. Baconguis, BSA 1985
  • 1988 Jade (35 years) – Dr. Adeliza Abaño-Dorado, BSAEng 1988, MSFS 1994, PhDAEng 2016
  • 1993 Pearl (30 years) – Ms. Olga Castriciones-Lomboy, BSF 1993, MMBM 2014
  • 1998 Silver (25 years) – Prof. Jaymee Romero-Encabo, BSB 1998, MSM 2007
  • 2003 China (20 years) – Dr. Ariel L. Babierra, BSM 2003 magna cum laude
  • 2008 Crystal (15 years) – Ms. Paully May Z. Valencia, BSDC 2008, MSDC 2018
  • 2013 Tin (10 years) – EnP. Mark Paulo G. Velasco, MPASPPP 2013
  • 2018 Wood (5 years) – Ms. Kate DC Aranzamendez, BSHE 2018 cum laude
What is the difference between BATCH and CLASS?
BATCH – refers to the year you entered the University.
CLASS – refers to the year you graduated from the University
When is my year of graduation?
This is the year indicated on your Transcript of Records or when the BOR approved your graduation as indicated in the graduation program.

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