Acknowledging the Cream of the Crop: The Alumni Awards
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Honor and excellence.These words are taught to us along with giving service to our beloved country as gratitude for honing us to be whom and where we are now.

Achievements and service of UPLB alumni in their fields of expertise/endeavor are recognized annually. The UPLBAA calls for nominations of exceptional alumni who use their knowledge and skills to help the society and the country. In this way, the communication and linkage between the University and the alumni will be stronger because they can help the University in different aspects such as in instruction, research, and extension.

Colleges and its alumni associations nominate meritorious alumni once the call for nominations begin. These nominees are screened by the Awards Committee guided by a general criteria based on their service orientation, leadership, impact, and integrity. After a series of screenings by the committee, the awardees will be named and honored during Loyalty Day. There are different awards given to our alumni. The different awards given to our alumni are described below.

The Outstanding UPLB Alumni Awards (TOUA)

This award is given to the alumni who surpassed their disciplinary fields of expertise and contributed for the past five years to address issues on rural development and social enterprise; environmental protection and natural resource management; agriculture and biotechnology; enterprise development and corporate governance; technology development; education, research, and training; public engagement and risk communication; veterinary medicine and agro-bio services; and engineering. Moreover, the honoree should have received a national or international award, thereby bringing honor and distinction to the University and the country.

The Nelia T. Gonzalez Alumni Service Award

This award is named after former UP Regent Dr. Nelia Teodoro Gonzalez who has shown exemplary service to her Alma Mater, to fellow alumni, and to the Filipino people. The Nelia T. Gonzalez Alumni Service Award is conferred to one or at most two deserving alumni who made outstanding achievements and service in striving for the goals of the University, the Association, and the alumni. Retired alumni in the public or private sector can still qualify.

College Distinguished Alumni Awards

This award is given by respective college alumni associations to alumni who have demonstrated exceptional achievements and contributions in their endeavors, bringing significant benefits to society and honor to the College and the University. The honoree’s achievements and contributions during his or her service, whether local, national or international, will be acknowledged.

Multi-Generation UPLB Family Recognition Award

This is a special recognition given to families who have produced three or more successive generations of U.P. alumni, i.e., grandparent(s), parent(s), child(ren), and/or grandchild (ren).

Besides the abovementioned awards, there are other recognitions such as UPLBAA Presidential Award and UPLBAA Outstanding Golden Jubilarian Award that the UPLBAA president, awards committee, and the golden jubilarians could bestow to outstanding individuals and groups.

These awards signify that alumni are truly Iskolar ng bayan, para sa bayan!


*This article is also in the Bukas Newsletter, Issue No. 6, July 2018.