Beyond Covid: UPLB Loyalty Day 2020 continues
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A number of activities this year have been cancelled due to the threat brought about by the Covid-19. Despite this, UPLB Alumni Association (UPLBAA) Execom and Board of Regents pushed through the celebration of the 102nd UPLB Loyalty Day by holding it virtually.

It is the first time that UPLBAA explored tapping online. Preparations were made to finalized details of each activity. The Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) uploaded the Loyalty webpage ( to share the list of information that alumni will need to know regarding the abovementioned activity. The lined-up activities were classes’ webinars, virtual homecoming, virtual reunions and recognition program for Outstanding Alumni.

Although technical difficulties were faced during each of the activities like wrong Zoom link or password, unstable internet connection, and the likes; it didn’t stop these activities to proceed. The goal of this celebration is to continue celebrating the act of volunteerism showed by UPCA students and faculty when they volunteered without question during World War I.

Some alumni were grateful that they were able to participate in each activity even though they are in different time zones. This showed that our alumni, no matter where they are, still remember the act that ignites the passion of a true-blooded UPLB ALUMNI.