Class 2018 comprises 2,450 new alumni
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OAR gained 2,450 alumni members coming from the UPLB Class of 2018. These graduates sprung from the different colleges and school.

The College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS) produced 240 graduates, with 1 summa cum laude, 3 magna cum laude, and 29 cum laude, totaling to 33 graduates with Latin honors. The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) presented 648 graduates. Among them, there are 101 with Latin honors, comprising 18 magna cum laude and 83 cum laude. The College of Development Communication (CDC) bore 139 graduates with 2 magna cum laude and 28 cum laude. The College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) yielded 341 graduates. Among them, there are 33 with Latin honors, consisting of 6 magna cum laude and 27 cum laude. The College of Economics and Management (CEM) generated 223 graduates, with 9 cum laude.The College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR) brought 200 graduates. Among them, there are 7 with Latin honors, with a breakdown of 1 magna cum laude and 6 cum laude. The College of Human Ecology (CHE) garnered 209 graduates with 2 magna cum laude and 21 cum laude.
The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) had 61 graduates.The Graduate School (GS) completed the UPLB Class of 2018 with 389 graduates coming from 80 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), 2 straight PhD, 1 PhD by research, and 306 Master of Science (MS) graduates.

Padayon UPLB alumni!