Staying grounded
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“All the people you share a moment of your life automatically contributes to your growth as a person.“

Borrowing the words of this humble man, one can never deny that riding jeepneys with high school classmates are part in the molding. Through his ride of becoming who he is today, he has never forgotten the people who accompanied him in the passenger seat. He has kept all the passengers’ records in his big heart so that when the time comes that he reaches his destination, the first thing he plans to do is to thank them one by one.

This man graduated from Zamboanga City High School in 1983, and finished his degree in Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business at UPLB in 1987. He graduated with commendation from the faculty at Asian Institute of Management with the degree of Master in Management in 1997.

In 2017, this unassuming man became the President and CEO of A Brown Company Incorporated (ABCI) after being the Executive Vice President. Despite his busy schedule, he managed to complete the Advanced Management Program in May to September 2017 at the University of Asia and the Pacific.

He had a lot going on his plate in 2017, and the best gift the year had for him was to receive the UPLB College of Economics and Management (CEM) Distinguished Alumnus Award for Corporate Planning and Governance.

Mr. Roel Z. Castro is a CEO who never forgets. When he was featured in the CEO Magazine in March 2018, he sent a copy of the issue to one of his classmates, in high school, his co passengers, so to speak. He sent it not to brag but to share his milestones to every person who was and still continues to mold him as an individual who will never sway through the storms and will stay grounded even when being praised and revered.